General Studies Course Descriptions

All courses are three credit hours unless noted

Online Orientation

Required of all students. An overview of The Kaleo Institute at Brewer Christian College and Graduate School’s online course delivery system. 1 Credit Hour

ENL 102 English Composition
This English course is designed to help the student become comfortable with the writing process. Emphasis is placed on organization of thoughts, clarity of statement, and correct use of grammar and mechanics. This course includes instruction in organizing library research in order to compose a formal research paper.

ENL 103 English Composition II
A practical writing course that develops necessary skills for professional communications and skill development in research writing. A significant research paper assignment is designed to prepare you for your foundational and professional Biblical and Theological research work is required.

ENL 151 Classical Literature
Students will gain a simple understanding of the various forms of literature and encouraged to explore them through the eyes of Christ. The five major genres of literature will be studied: novel, essay, drama, short story, and poetry. Prerequisite: ENL 102

HIS 113 History of Civilization I
Surveys historical events from the ancient world through seventeenth century; ideas, values, institutions, great events and personalities that contributed to the development of Western civilization; relationship between Christianity and emergence of Western tradition.

HIS 114 History of Civilization II
A continuation of HIS 113 Studies and compares history of major civilizations in Africa, America, Asia and Europe from 1500 to present.

 HUM 201 Introduction to the Arts
A survey of historic paintings, sculptures, and architectures along with an introduction of the basic principles of design, space, color, and texture in sketching, painting, and pottery. Music, theatre, and cinema are also explored as art forms.

HUM 210 Fundamentals of Music
An introduction to the basics of music and music theory. Students will learn to read musical notation, play a simple song on the piano/keyboard, sight sing, conduct and lead group singing, read simple chord charts, and write musical notation

MCS 201 Mathematics For General Education
An introduction to basic mathematics designed to provide knowledge and skills required for everyday situations. Properties of whole numbers, integers, fractions, real numbers and numerical operations; foundations of number theory, geometry and probability.

MCS 231 Principles of Computing
An introductory level course which provides the most common and needed tools for working on a personal computer. Study includes the basic components of the computer system, operating system, word processing, web based applications and email, and simple database solutions.

PTH 306 Ethics
A study of ethics for the everyday life with sound Biblical principles and practical applications for the professional and problem aspects encountered in the ministry.

PRE 101 Introduction to Public Speaking
A basic study in speech preparation dealing with the parts of the speech, structure and delivery.  Emphasis is given to the analysis of student-prepared outlines, along with the actual delivery of speeches.

CNS 101 Introduction to Counseling
A study of the various theories in psychology, verifiable principles, and the implications of the discipline of psychology are offered as viewed from a Christian perspective.

SOC 263 Family Systems
An introduction to the basic elements of the Family System Theory as applied to the family.  It is an alternative approach to individual focused counseling strategies, which view the individual as a part and product of the larger system called family.

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