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Kaleo students research, write, and publish.

A great deal of the Kaleo curriculum is centered on deep thinking, processing, and application and is manifested in thoughtful, well crafted research papers. Given this foundation, it is only natural that our alumni have shared this gift with the rest of the world through powerful, thought provoking published books. Below is a sampling of some of our graduates recent work.

Melissa Flores, class of 2007.
Own Your Mantle, December 2011.











There is an ancient trust of what a spiritual mantle represents and the possibilities it affords the individual believer. As you read, you will be infused with insight concerning your spiritual inheritance, how it culminates in you, and how you bring it to bear for the generations ahead. Find out how to inherit your spiritual mantle and operate in the fulness of God’s calling for your life.

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Dr. Joyce Shelton, class of 2005 and Lynn Erhorn, class of 2012.
How to be a Lady in God’s Kingdom, June 2012.

Every baby girl was created by God to be a Lady. Whatever image that creates in your mind, it doesn’t compare to the magnificent image in your Creator’s! Come along on this journey that begins with your spiritual foundation, dwells tenderly with your heart, soars with your spirit, and grows strong with your convictions. The path leads to your true destiny as a Lady in God’s kingdom! This study is suitable for individual exploration as well as for use in small groups. Discussions questions and prayers compliment chapters which take an in-depth look at these key attributes of yourself and the ladies around you: Commitment, salvation, identity, emotions, esteem, forgiveness, decisions, prayers character, purity, and femininity. Learn to apply biblical principles to every area of your life, make better decisions and choices, and be confident in yourself because of God’s love.

How to be a Lady in God’s Kingdom on Amazon


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