Do any of these describe you?

  • You recognize that God is calling you into ministry?
  • Or perhaps you are you currently serving as a minister and desire an affordable and convenient way to complete your education goals?
  • Maybe you simply want to know more of God?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, The Kaleo Institute just might be the place for you!

The Kaleo Institute offers a life-changing master of ministry degree program that prepares graduates to fulfill their calling by providing a well rounded curriculum that includes practical courses in pastoral leadership and counseling, Christian education, corporate worship, and youth ministry.

Master of Ministry (M.Min.)
(Curriculum Includes pastoral leadership and counseling, family ministry and education, ministry based techonology, and worship leadership)
(42 hrs)

We are all called, are you prepared?

The faculty, staff, administration, and board of The Kaleo Institute stand together on the foundation that all believers in Jesus are called into ministry. Through focused preparation, centered in the study of the Word of God, The Kaleo Institute can help equip you to fulfill all that the Lord has prepared for you to do.

All courses are offered online.

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