Welcome to The Kaleo Institute’s online chapel program.
The Kaleo Institute is excited to present an online worship experience for all active students and alumni.

On September 16, 2005, our college began offering online, corporate worship services. Students, faculty, staff and alumni are invited to watch the brief (10-15 minute) video exhortation by a member of Brewer’s faculty or staff, and post a thoughtful response to the Word of God on the school message boards.

The chapel services are held weekly during our semesters and participation is mandatory for every currently enrolled student. The chapel services are posted for an entire week from the first date that they are offered, and students can watch and respond any time during the week (even at 2am if that is all your schedule allows!) Our goal is to build the Kingdom of God through encouragement and community development within The Kaleo Institute.

Dr. MJ Brewer
Dean of Chapel
The Kaleo Institute

Click Here to Participate in Kaleo’s Chapel Program

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