Grading Standards

Grading Scale

The Kaleo Institute at Brewer Christian College employs the following grading scale categories. As course instructors/supervisors/mentors of students, we grade your course papers and projects with these four categories in mind.

Letter Grade/Grade Points/Percentage

(A) Superior, 4.0 Grade Points, 100-93%
(A-) Excellent, 3.7 grade points, 92.9-90%
Very good, 3.3 grade points, 89.9-87%
(B) Average, good, or satisfactory, 3.0 grade points, 86.9-83%
(B-) Passing, acceptable, 2.7 grade points, 82.9-80%
(C+) Acceptable, but will require improvement, 2.3 grade points79.9-77%
(C) Below acceptable standards for a master’s or undergraduate degree, 2.0 grade points, 76.9-73%
Below acceptable standards, but passing, 1.7 grade points 72.9-70%
Very deficient, unacceptable work, retake or remedial work required to pass

Students are required to receive a C- or higher to receive credit for the course. Students receiving less than a C- will be required to retake the course or particular assignments if arraigned with the professors.


Course Papers and final Project Evaluation

In evaluating course papers and final projects, we consider two particular areas: content and elements of style. Pay close attention to both.

Paper and Project Content
Are you doing research on the appropriate undergraduate or graduate level?

  • Depth of research and scholarship
  • Use and documentation of sources
  • Critical analysis applied
  • Assumptions questioned

Are you intellectually engaged with the subject matter and its complexity at hand?

  • Insights expressed
  • Questions raised
  • Familiarity with different views
  • Adequate integration of materials

Are you conveying passion, interest, and do you “own” your position or point of views?

  • Transparency of self
  • Creativity applied
  • Demonstration of ownership of the project

Elements of Style
Are you demonstrating writing skills on a masters or doctoral level?
Are you expressing your thoughts as coherently and as clearly as possible?
Is your writing engaging, focused and lucid?

  • Grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and paragraph structure
  • Flow of thought and argument
  • Clarity of expression
  • Articulation of focus, theme, and claims
  • Use of guidelines by Turabian 7th Edition

All students are provided with a guidebook for writing college papers. The information on course papers on this page and more are explained in detail.

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